SPDG Facilitators

Each Tennessee school district selected to participate in the State Personnel Development Grant works with SPDG Facilitators to support their educators in adopting or deepening educational practices that allow every Tennessee student to reach his or her potential. As a part of this process, SPDG Districts support their SPDG Facilitator in conducting professional development workshops and Communities of Practice sessions for district personnel in selected schools.

SPDG Interventionists

Working under the supervision of Theresa Nicholls, Director of Tennessee’s State Personnel Development Grant, the SPDG Interventionists support SPDG District workshops and Communities of Practice activities, provide coaching for SPDG Facilitators, and assist in all parts of the SPDG work.


Robert Taylor
Location: Knoxville at East Tennessee School for the Deaf


Anika Chambers
Location: Nashville at Andrew Johnson State Office Building


Dana Johnson
Location: Jackson at West Tennessee School for the Deaf

Strand 1: Increasing Access to Core Instruction for Students with Disabilities

Strand 2: Special Education, the Most Intensive Intervention

  • Strand 2 SPDG Participating Districts and Facilitators – 2017/2018

    During 2017-2018, SPDG participating special educators and supervisors are receiving extensive training centered around making special education the most intensive intervention, with a focus on reading foundations, assessment, and multi-sensory instructional strategies. Communities of Practice and additional training are underway and will be provided throughout the year to help support educators as they develop new and enhanced skills to assist their students in reaching their potential. More about Strand 2