SPDG Facilitators

Each Tennessee school district selected to participate in the State Personnel Development Grant works with SPDG Facilitators to support their educators in adopting or deepening educational practices that allow every Tennessee student to reach his or her potential. As a part of this process, SPDG Districts support their SPDG Facilitator in conducting professional development workshops and Communities of Practice sessions for district personnel in selected schools.

SPDG Interventionists

Working under the supervision of Theresa Nicholls, Director of Tennessee’s State Personnel Development Grant, the SPDG Interventionists support SPDG District workshops and Communities of Practice activities, provide coaching for SPDG Facilitators, and assist in all parts of the SPDG work.


Robert Taylor
Location: Knoxville at East Tennessee School for the Deaf


Anika Chambers
Location: Nashville at Andrew Johnson State Office Building


Dana Johnson
Location: Jackson at West Tennessee School for the Deaf

SPDG Participating Districts and Facilitators - 2016


Alcoa Schools

Supervisor: Debbie Smith
Facilitator: Mary Beth Warwick
Schools: Alcoa Middle School, Alcoa Elementary School, Alcoa Intermediate School, Alcoa High School

Bradley County

Supervisor: Ruth Ann White & Kathiann Montgomery
Facilitator: Shalee Lastoria
Schools: Waterville Elementary, Michigan Avenue Elementary, Lake Forest Middle School

Cleveland Schools

Supervisor: Dr. Joy Hudson
Facilitator: Christy Fretwell
Schools: Arnold Elementary, Mayfield Elementary, Blythe-Bower Elementary, Stuart Elementary, Ross Elementary, Cleveland Middle

Clinton Schools

Supervisor: Suzanne Oliver
Facilitator: Shannon Cook
Schools: North Elementary, South Elementary, Clinton Elementary

Elizabethton Schools

Supervisor: Dr. Myra Newman
Facilitator: Becky Wagner
Schools: East Side Elementary, Harold McCormick Elementary, West Side Elementary, TA Dugger Junior High School and Elizabethton High School

Hawkins County

Supervisor: Angela Jackson
Facilitator: Karen Pearson
Schools: Hawkins elementary School, Carter’s Valley Elementary School

McMinn County

Supervisor: Ronnie Creasman
Facilitator: Patti Rogers
Schools: Niota Elementary, Englewood Elementary

Rhea County

Supervisor: Katrina Casteel
Facilitator: Brenda Hill
Schools: Rhea County Elementary, Rhea Central Elementary, Graysville Elementary, Frazier Elementary

Sequatchie County

Supervisor: Marsha Carr-Talley
Facilitator: Lisa Condra
Schools: Griffith Elementary, Sequatchie County Middle, Sequatchie County High School

Sweetwater Schools

Supervisor: Nancy Crabtree
Facilitator: Heather Henry
Schools: Brown Intermediate School

White County

Supervisor: Kem Marcum
Facilitator: Trevanda Allison
Schools: Findlay Elementary, Northfield Elementary, White County Middle School


Cannon County

Supervisor: Pamela Parker
Facilitator: Alice Parker
Schools: Woodbury Grammar School, Woodland Elementary, West Side Elementary, Cannon County High School

Clarksville-Montgomery County

Supervisor: Talyia Griffith
Facilitator: Elaine Hoffert
Schools: Barkers Mill Elementary, Glenellen Elementary, Sango Elementary, Moore Magnet, Oakland Elementary, Barksdale Elementary, Richview Middle

Clay County

Supervisor: Joann Mclerran
Facilitator: Barbara Seeley
Schools: Hermitage Springs School, Clay County High School, Celina K-8 School

Cumberland County

Supervisor: Keena Inman
Facilitator: Tiffany Reeves
Schools: North Elementary, South Elementary, Pine View Elementary, Crab Orchard Elementary, Stone Elementary, Pleasant Hill Elementary, Brown Elementary, Martin Elementary, Homestead Elementary

Dickson County

Supervisor: Linda Koellein & Thomas Lee
Facilitator: Tiffany Jacoby
Schools: Dickson Elementary, Dickson Intermediate, Oakmont Elementary

Fayetteville Schools

Supervisor: Sarah Beth Spray
Facilitator: Sara McCormick
Schools: Ralph Askins Elementary School

Franklin Special School District

Supervisor: Beth Herren
Facilitator: Diane Miller
Schools: Franklin Elementary, Poplar Grove Elementary, Moore Elementary

Lawrence County

Supervisor: Jamie Glass
Facilitator: Meredith Sandlin
Schools: David Crockett Elementary, Lawrenceburg Public

Metro Nashville Public Schools

Supervisor: Debbie McAdams
Facilitator: Alison Brown
Schools: Amqui Elementary, Charlotte Park Elementary, Jere Baxter Middle, Wright Middle, Margaret Allen, Tulip Grove Elementary, Hattie Cotton Elementary, Tom Joy Elementary, Oliver Middle, McKissack Middle

Murfreesboro Schools

Supervisor: Angela Fairchild
Facilitator: Amy Miller
Schools: Black Fox Elementary, Bradley Academy, Cason Lane Academy, Mitchell-Neilson Schools, Reeves-Rogers Elementary, Scales Elementary

Robertson County

Supervisor: Jennifer Darden
Facilitator: Misti Swindle
Schools: Krisle Elementary, Greenbrier Middle School, Cheatham Park Elementary

Tullahoma Schools

Supervisor: Tammy Hatfield
Facilitator: Kim Adkins
Schools: West Middle, Bel-Aire Elementary

Warren County

Supervisor: Candice Willmore
Facilitator: Shea Panter
Schools: Dibrell Elementary, Eastside Elementary


Achievement School District

Supervisor: Katie McPherson
Facilitator: Tarvis Williams-Mull
Schools: GRAD Academy, MLK Prep, Humes Middle, Klondike Elementary

Bradford Special School District

Supervisor: Amy Dunn
Facilitator: Emily Waddell
Schools: Bradford Elementary School, Bradford Middle School

Gibson County Special School District

Supervisor: Renee Childs
Facilitator: Chasity Reasons
Schools: South Gibson High School, Gibson County High School, Dyer Elementary, Medina Elementary, Medina Middle School, Rutherford School, Kenton Elementary, Yorkville School

Trenton Special School District

Supervisor: Amy Allen
Facilitator: Leigh Ann Newton
Schools: Trenton Elementary School, Trenton Rosenwald Middle School, Peabody High School

Weakley County

Supervisor: Deborah Perkins
Facilitator: Rebecca Covington
Schools: Martin Elementary School, Dresden Middle School, Gleason School, Sharon School, Westview High School, Martin Middle

West Carroll Special School District

Supervisor: Cheryl Lambert
Facilitator: Ariel Wells
Schools: West Carroll Primary, West Carroll Elementary