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Newly Posted: Three Strand 2 Resources

Three TN SPDG resources to support Special Education as the Most Intensive Intervention (Strand 2) are now available on the

  1. The Strand 2 Intervention Observation Rubric outlines the core elements of a quality intensive intervention. Administrators and instructors can use this rubric:
    • as an observation tool to measure the extent to which the elements of quality intervention techniques are incorporated.
    •  as a part of evaluation activity measuring progress toward incorporating the elements quality intervention techniques.
    • for training or informational purposes with staff or parents. • as a guide within a coaching relationship.
    • as a tool to oversee peer review activity using the tool.

  2. The Quicksheets for the Strand 2 Intervention Observation Rubric explain each element of the rubric and give things to “look for” when using the rubric. Some of the elements may require a pre or post interview to gather additional information.

  3. The Reading Resources: Assessments to Inform Present Levels gives guidance on proper selection and use of reading assessments and guides the user toward higher quality IEP Present Levels of Educational Performance.

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