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February 2016 News: Tennessee SPDG Goals

Tennessee’s State Personnel Development Grant’s goals support the State Systematic Improvement Plan and will move Tennessee toward improving academic outcomes and post-secondary opportunities for students with disabilities.  The SPDG will also increase alignment between early childhood programs and the K-12 system to ensure that students enter Kindergarten with the academic, social and emotional skills necessary for success.  These outcomes will be supported by professional development, coaching, and Communities of Practice activities.  The TN SPDG will also develop online modules based on trainings that will extend learning opportunities throughout the state.  The TN SPDG goals are:

  • TN SPDG Goal 1:  Improved Performance of Students with Specific Learning Disabilities to Ensure Successful Transition to Post-secondary Opportunities
  • TN SPDG Goal 2:  Ensure that Tennessee’s Students enter Kindergarten with the Necessary Academic, Social and Emotional Skills for Success

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