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Best Practices Work for All - Bell Aire Elementary

Bel-Aire Elementary in Tullahoma, TN has taken part in training with SPDG, the State Personnel Development Grant in Tennessee. Over the course of the year, they have received training in the Universal Design for Learning, covering best practices that include differentiation, growth mindset, data-informed instruction, and intentional interventions. Below you will see 3 sets of images from their school and the work they have done to create a culture of student learning for all!

In addition, check out Bel-Aire’s video on Inclusive Practices!

Image 1/3: Flexible seating can provide a comfortable environment for students to focus on their learning.

Image 2/3: Anchor charts help students visualize information they have learned, but may need to refer back to at any given point.

Image 3/3: Growth Mindset helps students to see failures as opportunities for growth and learning rather than disappointment and a desire to give up.

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