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July 2016 News: SPDG Interventionists Announced

TN SPDG Director Theresa Nicholls has announced the hiring of three SPDG Interventionists to assist with SPDG activities.  The Interventionists will support SPDG District workshops and Communities of Practice activities, provide coaching for SPDG Facilitators, and assist in all parts of the SPDG work. 

  • Dana Johnson, serving districts in West Tennessee, will report to the Southwest CORE office in Jackson. 
  • Anika Chambers, serving districts in Middle Tennessee, will work out of the Department of Education offices in Nashville.
  • Rob Taylor will work with districts in East Tennessee and report to the East CORE office in Knoxville. 
Nicholls commented, “We are thrilled to have a full SPDG team and are encouraged by the level of knowledge and enthusiasm from each of our three interventionists.  They each bring their own experience and background and will be such an asset to our SPDG activities”.

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