Family Engagement is part of the TN SPDG goals!

Parents and family members have the most important influence on children’s success in school.

It is important that family members support their child's learning by participating at meetings, helping with homework, and making plans for the future.

Families need good information in order to actively participate in their children's education.

The Tennessee Department of Education has partnered with STEP (Tennessee's Parent Training and Information Center) to help families participate in TN SPDG's work.

Hot Topics for Families

Parent reading to child

What is TN SPDG?

SPDG is an acronym for State Personnel Development Grant. It is a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.

This website is all about how Tennessee's Department of Education is using these funds.

In a nutshell, the grant enables the state of Tennessee to provide training to teachers and school administrators with the goal of providing equal educational opportunities to all students.

Our goal is to help families understand how schools educate their children so that they can be partners in that process.

TN SPDG’s work is focused on:

Tennessee STEP logoSTEP (Support and Training for Exceptional Parents) is the Tennessee SPDG parent partner organization. STEP helps families increase their knowledge base in order to participate more fully in making educational decisions for their children, especially those children with disabilities. STEP offers a variety of print and video information, workshops and conferences to support families. STEP brings this experience to the SPDG work, helping translate SPDG teacher training, assuring that it assists parents and families in becoming partners in their children's educational process.